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GC-EM 1437
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With the efficient and maneuverable GC-EM 1437 electric lawn mower, ambitious hobby gardeners achieve the best mowing results in small to medium-size gardens. Its powerful carbon power motor generates high torque for good progress through high growth. For precise adjustment to individual requirements there is a 3-level axial cutting height adjustment facility. Thanks to the folding long handle, this lawn mower can be stored in minimum space. A cable-relief clip protects the power cable of the GC-EM 1437 from wear. Large wheels exert less stress on the lawn and enable effortless mowing even in difficult terrain. With a capacity of 36 liters the grass box has room for long work sessions. The robust and long-lasting housing is made of high-grade, impact-resistant plastic. The GC-EM 1437 is recommended for lawns of up to 500 m².

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