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TE-LL 360
  • Easy projection of a laser cross
  • Horizontal 360° line for easy alignment of objects
  • Projection of a horizontal and/or a vertical laser line
  • Self-leveling (LED warning if the inclination is more than 4°)
  • Integrated 1/4" thread for use with a tripod
  • Can also be used as a digital spirit level
  • Comfortable handling thanks to the soft grip
  • Complete with height-adjustable wall bracket for working comfort
  • Complete with a practical bag for storage
  • 4x 1.5V AA batteries needed (not included in delivery)
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The Einhell cross laser level TE-LL 360 , with a work range of 20 meters, is an ideal aid for installation, renovation and laying jobs, and plenty more too. Thanks to a horizontal 360° laser line, it makes incredibly easy work of aligning objects to the same level in rooms. The TE-LL 360 also offers the projection of a horizontal and a vertical laser line to make quick and easy work of measuring jobs. The Einhell cross laser level TE-LL 360 is self-leveling and has an LED for warning the user if the angle deviates by more than four degrees. The self-leveling time is five seconds. The TE-LL 360 can also be used as a digital spirit level. For use with a tripod, the cross laser level has an integrated 1/4” thread. Comfortable to handle thanks to a soft grip. For working comfort there is a height-adjustable wall bracket. This is included in the scope of delivery, as is a practical bag for storage.

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