Лазерний нівелір

  • Easy projection of a laser cross
  • Projection of a horizontal and/or a vertical laser line
  • Angled positioning of objects with help of the universal clamp
  • Self-leveling (LED warning if the inclination is more than 4°)
  • Integrated 1/4" thread for use with a tripod
  • Also usable as a digital spirit level
  • Comfortable handling thanks to the soft grip
  • Incl. universal clamp for convenient working
  • Incl. practical bag for storage
  • 2x 1.5V AA batteries needed (not included in delivery)
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Додаткова інформація до TC-LL 2 (Арт. 2270105)


The Einhell cross laser level TC-LL 2 makes it easy to project a laser cross and single laser lines onto walls, floors, ceilings or workpieces. Using the cross laser level you can align tiles, edgings, wallpaper and objects with meticulous accuracy. Angular placement on surfaces is possible thanks to the universal clamp, enabling you to position nails or drill-hole markers precisely. Another function of the cross laser level is that of a digital spirit level, making conventional measuring tools redundant. This cross laser level also has a self-leveling function, with an LED which warns the user of tilt angles greater than 4° degrees. A 1/4" thread is integrated for use on a tripod. Comfortable handling of the cross-line laser is assured by the soft grip. Included in the scope of delivery is a universal clamp for user-friendly and flexible operation as well as a practical bag for storage.

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