Компресор гібридний

  • Інструмент серії Power X-Change
  • Гібридний: для роботи від мережі живлення чи від акумулятора серії Power X-Change
  • Помпа високого тиску для надування колес авто, колес велосипедів, м'ячів
  • Помпа низького тиску для надування матрасів
  • Всмоктування низьким тиском для здування матрасів
  • Електронний індикатор тиску
  • Високий тиск регулюється до 11 бар
  • Функція автоматичного вимикання при досягнені потрібного тиску
  • Відсік для зберігання насадок (3 шт у комплекті)
  • Поставляється БЕЗ акумулятора і зарядного пристрою
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The Einhell hybrid compressor Pressito is a multifunctional compressor with high-pressure and low-pressure pumps and the option of low-pressure suction. The practical hybrid compressor can be operated using either a power cable or a high-performance 18 Volt system battery from the Power X-Change series (6in1-function). The Pressito featuring a high-pressure pump for pumping air into car and cycle tires is not only a perfect addition for the garage, it is also ideal for use out on the road as well. For sport, too, the compressor is also a practical helper for inflating balls right where the action is or giving tires a final check before a big bike tour. The high-pressure pump has a maximum operating pressure of 11 bar and can be manually preset by the user. The auto shutoff function ensures that the compressor stops when the adjusted pressure is reached. The low-pressure pump enables air mattresses or rubber dinghies to be inflated in next to no time, and the low-pressure suction function helps to make quick work of deflating. Changing between the high-pressure and low-pressure functions is selected by pushbutton. A 3-piece inflation set with adapters for car and cycle tires, for footballs and basketballs and for air matresses and rubber dinghies is also included. The cables and hoses for the hybrid compressor are kept directly on the tool itself, so that they can neither get in the way or get lost. There is also a set place on the housing for the inflation set. The hybrid compressor has a digital display with a pressure indicator, and the manual controls are user-friendly. The compact and light hybrid compressor can be stowed away easily and, thanks to the rechargeable battery and practical carry handle, can also be taken along in the car. The advantages of a cordless tool are obvious: With the new generation of powerful and long-lasting batteries from Einhell, the multifunctional compressor offers the convenience of mobile use as well. The batteries with the high-grade lithium-ion cells can also be used for all members of the Power X-Change family, for both the garden and the tool segments. The rechargeable batteries and chargers for the Power X-Change range of products are available separately at retail stores.

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