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GC-DW 1000 N
  • Robust pressure connector with stainless steel insert
  • Pump housing made of rust-proof high-grade steel
  • Multi-stage pump wheels for generation of pressure
  • With integrated non-return valve
  • High-quality mechanical seal for a long service life
  • Stainless dirt screen
  • Overload switch
  • Easily reachable hose connection on the pump's topside
  • 2 suspension eyelets
  • 22 m lowering rope
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The Einhell GC-DW 1000 N deep well pump is a rugged basic pump for extraction of clean water for gardens or service water in the home and is also suitable for setting up lawn sprinkler systems and systems for watering the garden. The slimline deep well pump is ideal for wells, reservoirs and cisterns. Using the supplied rope the pump from Einhell can be lowered to depths up to 19 meters, and has two suspension eyelets for fastening it firmly and securely. With its robust 1000 W motor the submersible pump delivers up to 6,500 liters of water per hour. A multi-stage impeller delivers pressure at a constant level. An integrated non-return valve prevents return flow when the pump is switched off. For a long service life it is made of high quality materials with individual components made of rust-proof high-grade steel: The pump housing is made of rust-proof high-grade steel and the robust pressure connection is fitted with a high-grade steel insert. The dirt screen is also made of high-grade steel. The high-quality mechanical seal ensures a long service life. An integral overload switch protects the equipment from overloads and shuts the equipment down in such a case. The hose connection is integrated on the top of the pump for easy access.

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