Акумуляторна обертальна шліфмашина

TE-RS 18 Li - Solo
  • Інструмент серії Power X-Change
  • Електронне регулювання швидкості
  • Finest finish & high sanding performance due to eccentric concept
  • Акуратний дизайн з ергономічними м'якими накладками на корпусі
  • Micro Velcro fastening for holding the abrasive paper securely
  • Both integrated and connection for external dust extraction
  • Поставляється з 1 шт абразивного паперу (P80)
  • Поставляється БЕЗ акумулятора і зарядного пристрою
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The Einhell cordless rotating sander TE-RS 18 Li - Solo provides the user with cordless and independent flexibility for work in the home, garage and workshed. The cordless rotating sander is a member of the Power X-Change series. The batteries with the high-grade lithium-ion cells can be used for all members of the Power X-Change family. Be it compact or soft materials: thanks to the speed electronics the tool can be adjusted to the particular material and application when performing work on the surfaces of wood, metal or stone-type structures. A high-precision finish and a high sanding performance can therefore be achieved thanks to the eccentric concept. For safe and comfortable operation there is a soft grip. For holding the abrasive paper securely there is a micro velcro fastening, which also enables the the paper to be exchanged with just a twist of the hand. An integrated dust extractor is included to keep the work area clean and free of dust, and an external dust extractor can also be connected. Complete with one piece of abrasive paper (P80). The battery and charger are available separately.

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