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GC-GP 1046 N
  • Корпус помпи з INOX нержавіючої сталі
  • Двигун який не обслуговується з температурним захистом
  • Широка водозаливна горловина для легкого пуску
  • Гвинт зливу води
  • Практичний перемикач ВКЛ/ВИКЛ
  • Зручна ручка для перенесення
  • Міцні ніжки з отворами для фіксації
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The Einhell GC-GP 1046 N garden pump for ambitious hobby gardeners is an intelligent solution that enables saving domestic water on the one hand while caring for your garden with ease on the other. Rain water is considered to be the best water for plants: No germ-killing additives, no lime, no temperature shocks – it is way better than mains water in all respects. A frequently asked question by hobby gardeners who have collected rain water in a barrel or cistern is: Isn't there a better way to distribute it than by bucket? The answer is yes: With a robust, efficient garden pump. The GC-GP 1046 N garden pump from Einhell has exactly those qualities which a hobby gardener quickly learns to appreciate. The pump with On/Off switch works with a very high suction force and matching pressure and delivery values, enabling it to distribute the water effectively over even large distances. With its 1,050 W motor, this garden pump achieves a delivery rate of up to 4,600 liters of water per hour. This electric motor requires no maintenance and is fitted with a thermal overload cut-out. For a long working life, the Einhell garden pump comes with a high-grade INOX stainless steel pump housing and is equipped with sturdy metal threads on both the intake side and the delivery side. A high-quality ceramic-and-rubber mechanical seal is suitable for the rigors of daily use and stands for a long service life. User-friendly design features of this garden pump include: A separate water filler screw makes starting up easy, and with the water drain screw you will have no problems in draining off any residual water. A practical carry-handle on the housing lets you place the pump exactly where it is needed – for use at several watering points around the garden if necessary. For stationary use the pump has a sturdy foot with holes for easy fastening.

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